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Start your TV channel Coaching for Success, learn how to launch a successful TV channel

MASSIVE discount on our IS20 satellite channels with packages from $7000 per month

Best Deal EVER for starting your TV channel on is20

Purple Turtle’s passion is fanning Vision and Calling into Reality. As part of our commitment to this passion we have launched out $4000 satellite TV channel project on the Popular is20 satellite (where DSTV is),(yes you read it right $4000 a month that’s R55 000 )

This special is ONLY available to qualifying customers, as we are investing a lot of time in developing these new channels, we need to know the potential applicants are taking it seriously and are positioned for success with guidance. There is a big difference between an idea and an idea/calling that has legs and people are actively making happen.

To find out if you qualify please complete the online assessment here

The team will be in touch with you if you qualify for this program.

Contact us today to see how we can help and guide you make your Satellite TV Station vision a reality.

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