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Your Own is20 Satellite TV Channel from $6500 per month and Reach Africa with a supplier with a 100% success rate of new channels launching staying on air NO OTHERS CAN SAY THIS!

Go Free to Air in Africa on is20 with Purple Turtle Media, start your own satellite TV channel

start your own satellite TV channel with

Purple Turtle offers a unique selection of customised is20 satellite channel packages to enable new start up channels and existing channels, achieve their Vision on budget and without wasting money on services they do not need.

Free to air satellite is the best way to reach the greatest number of people in Africa via FREE satellite on the popular is20 satellite where DSTV is.

These Free to air (FTA) channels can be viewed with a selection of decoders out there some of the models are as follows:

  • Strong
  • Viewsat
  • DSTV 4u
  • Freevision
  • Star Track
  • Humax

And any good Mpeg4, DVB-S2 FTA encoder on the market.

To Start your Own Satellite TV channel Complete the FREE needs analysis tool on the link ( to start the process towards achieving your vision of running a TV/Broadcast channel.

Reach the biggest potential viewers in Africa with Purple Turtle Media assisting you with a solution customised to your needs and vision on budget.
With our 100% success rate for new channels launching with us staying on air you are assured to a partner that has your back. Our client’s success is our success as well.

Try our crazy $4000 satellite channel development program if you ALREADY have an active producing video department at 

Contact Purple Turtle today OR or follow us on FACEBOOK to find out how we can help you take your vision to reality


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