Aviation Services

2018 Special on our LIVE Broadcast, OB Truck intergrated HD Broadcast Drone services.

MASSIVE discount on our IS20 satellite channels with packages from R100 000 per month

Purple Turtle Aviation/UAV is proud to announce that from Q3 2018 we will be able to Launch legally, UAV Drone Services in Port Elizabeth as well as the rest of South Africa once CAA has finally pushed the last tone of paperwork. From filming for video and television to surveys and more.

More details on the full service offering will be released in the next few months. Please contact us directly for more solution options and information for Broadcast Television applications, Broadcast Drone, Drone filming solutions from South Africa.

Purple Turtle Aviation is Proud to announce that we have been awarded Uavionix reseller for Southern Africa in January 2017

Uavionix offers unique solutions to the new and emerging Drone and UAV industry allowing operators to become complainant in controlled airspace without breaking the bank and having extremely heavy Transponders on their small aircraft.

Tethered Drones offering unlimited drone RPAS flight time for when you need it most removing the biggest annoyance on drones, short flight times

Drones are here to stay, if we like it or not they are everywhere. But what does that mean for our privacy and even security? Are you now ever alone and in privacy? What about your business, airport, data centre and other locations that contain sensitive data or product. How do you know when there is a non friendly drone near and what can you do about it. Purple Turtle Aviation now have the solution for you. From basic drone detection to more advance drone neutralisation systems, portable or fixed installations we have the solution for you.

Take back your privacy today with Purple Turtle Drone Detection Services. Contact us for more information.

290km/h, 2 seater, retractable Light Sport Aircraft burning 6L per 100km. Coming to Southern Africa by Purple Turtle Aviation  www.sharkaircraft.co.za