Broadcast Services

FREE IPTV/WEBTV/OTT Middleware use For those with existing Webtv Channels and or streaming of their own


Satellite News Gathering (DSNG/SNG), Outside broadcast (OB) and Production services in the Southern Africa region and Africa customised to fit your needs that simply gets the job done well.

Purple Turtle SNG/DSNG from South Africa and Africa (Digital Satellite News Gathering) satellite uplinks made simple, taking your video live to the world via satellite or IP delivery.

Broadcast or Stream Live over the internet. Want to reach the Global TV Village? Broadcast Live Online on the internet. Sounds simple? You may have tried other solutions yourself but found so many challenges trying to support all the smart devices on the market? Need the solution?

Broadcast delivery via the internet? Is that even possible or wise? Any good TV channel needs to have a good backbone to deliver their material and collect live broadcast to get the best programming to air for viewers. This usually never comes cheap with the price of dedicated fiber internationally (as well as locally in Southern Africa) not being very cheap to make it happen for smaller channels. We have a proven solution to save money and allow you to do more.

OB Services (Outside Broadcast) in South Africa and Africa Region. From full scale multi camera OB trucks to compact OB flyaway systems deployed to remote areas Purple Turtle has you covered. We specialise in ensuring clients get what they need and pay only for that. No location or solution is impossible. Through our internal and external networks we have just the solution you need. SD or HD no problem

Broacast solutions Africa. No matter what your need allow Purple Turtle to assist you in building the broadcast infrastructure you need.
We will take a great amount of time to hear what you want to do and where you want to go. From there we will propose solutions to you that will help you grow to the Vision BUT at the same time not breaking the bank.

Broadcast network monitoring and compliance. Key Part of any Broadcaster online or satellite is monitoring of essential equipment performance and compliance. This can often be a headache to do especially 24/7 monitoring. Our broadcast system compliance monitoring and system monitoring reduces your stress and increases your stability and uptime.