Streaming Services

FREE IPTV/WEBTV/OTT Middleware use For those with existing Webtv Channels and or streaming of their own


Live Streaming in Africa:Live online streaming of your channel, Live Online Broadcasting, Live event streaming for OTT and IPTV, webtv, live webcasting, and more. We have the proven solution just for you.

Live streaming is the solution for your next live event. It is ideal for: Church services, Live Training events, Company online broadcasts to staff, product training and literally anywhere else where you would like to get people connected to something you are doing live. We offer turnkey solutions and also help customers DIY with our support. Live streaming also reaches all good devices and is truly global. We keep you on the cutting edge of technology with our streaming services.

Webtv Internet streaming for broadcasters.The Purple Turtle WebTV solution takes your traditional channel online in the shortest period you can imagine. Reach more people more often globally with our Webtv product. We support all decent mobile devices for streaming as well as PC and Mac. We also offer channel promotion to get you more viewers globally. In fact if we don’t get you 2000 viewers plus in month 1 month 1 is free. We put our money where our mouth is.