How to View Media on IS20 DTH FTA satellite

A question we often get asked is “How do we viewmedia on satellite?

Satellite TV via the IS20 satellite platform (where DSTV is) is one of the most powerful ways to help people view media in Africa. Be it your Church’s own start-up satellite TV channel or our Companies corporate satellite channel.

If you want people to view media from your organisation, then you need to be on is20 satellite with Purple Turtle Sat Africa, the leader in successful satellite TV channel start-ups.

Customised playout solutions for starting your own satellite TV channel on is20 to suite your needs and budget

playout servers for is20 satellite channel by purple turtle media

Start a TV channel on is20, need a playout server to run your channel, try our cloud servers, save costs, maintain quality through customised solutions built around you.

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