Live satellite broadcast

How to Broadcast your live event via satellite

How to Broadcast your live event via satellite

So, you are having a big corporate event and you want to connect all your offices/branches around the country/world to it, but you don’t want people to have to travel for miles and increase your already climbing costs.
What are your options?
You could live stream it, but as we all know live streaming is not always dependable and can raise the stress levels when the video drops out and you have many people at that viewing site viewing it all upset.
So, streaming is out as you prefer not to increase your already high blood pressure for this event

Using Satellite TV to broadcast Live CORPORATE events

Purple Turtle Corporate live satellite Broadcasts in South Africa and Africa

So, you have a live a live event coming up and you are looking at how you can get more eyeballs on the event that’s costing you a lot to do. How do you achieve this? How do you get thousands of people at one place without breaking the bank flying them there?

The answer is simple! Use a Live satellite uplink to broadcast your event around the world for your staff to see.

Sounds complicated, right? If you have the right people on the job it’s like a walk in the park (just with fewer bugs)

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