start your own satellite channel

Best Deal EVER for starting your TV channel on is20

Purple Turtle’s passion is fanning Vision and Calling into Reality. As part of our commitment to this passion we have launched out $4000 satellite TV channel project on the Popular is20 satellite (where DSTV is),(yes you read it right $4000 a month that’s R55 000 )

Start a POP-up Satellite TV channel on is20 for your special event on Viewsat decoder

Popup satellite TV channel on is20 on viewsat decoder

Popup satellite channels are the best way to reach your audience LIVE via is20 satellite channel for a short time period reaching Africa live. Pay as you Go Satellite

The truth about is20 DTH Satellite TV start your own channel

Your own Satellite TV channel on is20 Mpeg4 or Mpeg2 which way to go old vs new

Purple Turtle Is20 satellite TV channel mpeg4 vs mpeg 2 quality example

The debate still rages on the Popular is20 satellite, Mpeg4 or Mpeg2. Good question.

Rather than giving our opinion lets give you some facts to assist you in assessing mpeg4 vs mpeg2 yourself.

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