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Broadcast solutions for you! Tired of being pushed into a box for broadcast solutions? Let us create something for you that meets All your needs not just some.

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Unique broadcast solutions connecting you to your world via satellite and online where you are when you need it as you need it. we make it all as simple as child's play.

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Everyone is unique, every channel is unique, Purple Turtle Satellite Media Africa specializes in creating unique broadcast TV solutions around unique clients. Empowering you to start your own satellite TV channel on is20 or any other satellite. Helping your viewers view media in new ways. We help you get a solution to match and enhance your Vision and Purpose as you start your own TV channel. Our focus is affordable QUALITY. We do NOT do Cheap solutions that cut corners as several other inexperienced vendors offer, because this reflects poorly on channels owners to viewers.

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Online LIVE TV

  • HD Playout
  • Live Social TV
  • Browser driven
  • Earn & Learn
  • Mentorship Option
  • Learn and Grow
$600 per month

Satellite Entry

  • 24/7 TV Channel on is20
  • Perfect for startups
  • Medium visual quality
  • Playout server options
  • Control from any device
  • Webtv options
$6500 per month

Satellite SD

  • 24/7 Sat Channel on is20
  • High visual quality
  • Pre HD
  • Playout server options
  • Control from any device
  • Webtv options
  • Live options
$9500 per month

Satellite HD

  • 24/7 Sat Channel on is20
  • High visual quality
  • Playout server options
  • 1gbps connectivity
  • Control from any device
  • HD channel
  • Webtv & Live Options

Why Purple Turtle

Purple Turtle is the ONLY is20 Satellite Vendor with a 100% success rate of new channels launching with us STAYING on air and Succeeding. No one else can claim this fact. Proving our actions speak louder than words.

Purple Turtle since 1998 has 22 years True broadcast experience from production to transmission which our clients benefit from via mentoring and coaching. Clients are partners not account numbers to us.

Start your TV channel DTH on satellite is20 or any other or online with THE leader in innovation.


Reach 40 MILLION households in Africa with Satellite TV on is20

Africa is one of the worlds most over looked and underestimated growing TV markets. Unlike many parts of the world where internet connectivity is affordable and cheap allowing people to access TV online, Africa’s most popular method for people to connect to the TV channels they love is by satellite TV. Perfect to reach Africa with Satellite TV buy starting your own TV channel.

How To Start A TV Channel in South Africa | 5 Tips To Set Up Your Satellite TV channel on is20 Africa

Start a TV channel South Africa and have your own TV channel on Satellite is20 in South Africa or anywhere else can be a challenging project to start. Many options, many questions, massive learning curves. This is Why Purple Turtle Sat Media Africa is here. We help your viewers view media in new ways that excite them.

Starting your own TV channel for under $600 per month

Lunch Today and Start Earning money and making an Impact with your own TV channel This is why Purple Turtle has launched our 1st in the industry $800 TV channel development program.

Start your own DTH Free To Air Satellite TV Channel in Africa or online

How to start your own Free To Air (FTA) DTH satellite channel into South Africa and Africa, KU band or C band satellite, live or playout or BOTH. If you are a church, ministry, broadcaster or company we have a solution to save you money and help you do more for less. You don’t have to do things the traditional expensive way anymore.

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