About Purple Turtle


Want to know about Purple Turtle? Purple Turtle is focused on EXPLODING PURPOSE INTO REALITY, through COACHING, TECHNOLOGY and a new way of THINKING. We make work and life FUN again, removing the schlep factor.
With 21+ years Global Broadcasting and Aviation experience and our OWN BROADCAST and SATELLITE NETWORKS, we empower people and businesses to refine their PURPOSE and plot a TRAJECTORY with technology to make their PURPOSE a reality.

The fact is most people and businesses do not really know where they are going or who they are. They are stuck in a FOG of busyness, thinking they are being productive and effective. This is the biggest lie they believe and the biggest reason for under-achievement and burnout.

Busyness without Purpose is LIFE/SOLUTION Kryptonite and sucks the Joy, Energy and Passion out of life; turning life into Existence at best.

STOP existing and Choose to take control again: LIVE, SUCCEED, ACHIEVE.

Purple Turtle helps people and businesses remove their Life/Solution Kryptonite through solutions and DELIBERATE, RADICAL, focused PURPOSE and DIRECTION. Saving you time and money. Helping you stress less and live more.

We help you find time for what is really important; without neglecting anything.

So, are you ready to change the way you do things? Are you ready to climb off the hamster wheel of same old, same old, where the hamster has been dead for years? Are you ready for Solutions that meet your CORE PASSION and PURPOSE? Solutions that energize you with the SUCK removed giving you the EXCITEMENT back to life and business?

Then make the Shift to the PURPLE TURTLE way of thinking: addressing problems with PURPOSE. It’s the only logical shift to make.

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