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About Us

The Purple Turtle Group of Port Elizabeth/Cape Town South Africa offer you a unique collection of broadcast solutions for your media project needs. With Communications, Media and  Aviation depts you have access to unique solutions all under one roof. . Be it Broadcast,Online, Drone/RPAS?UAV or in the air we have your covered.

We live is such a hyper connected world, yet somehow, we have become disconnected from the people around us as we complete our work and broadcast tasks. People are account numbers or tasks on our todo list and everything has become extremely impersonal in general in the industry.
At the Purple Turtle Group its our focus to again connect with people as we supply our services, to hear their needs, concerns, listen and to be able to adapt to meet these as we move forwards together in a fluid adaptive way.
We recognise that each client is unique and has unique needs and requirements that off the shelf stock standard solutions don’t satisfy well. We are proud to say we are not the “MacDonald’s” of solutions. We don’t do instant fast food solution, we do quality well thought out solutions crafted to our clients needs.
Purple Turtle Group goes back to the “old school” way of doing business, where we were all more connected with the people we work with.
We are people focused in our solutions supply. For us a happy customer is our most powerful sales tool and not flashy documents and slick sales pitches full of hot air, after all actions speak louder than words.

We may not be the biggest in the area, we may not even always be the cheapest in the area (although we do our very best to be fair in our pricing without undercutting the market) and we may not be everyone’s cup of tea because we take the time to connect with you as a person and hear your needs and concerns before supplying a solution, and we won’t just quote random prices off a rate card.
BUT we are proud to be able to honestly say the people we work with matter to us and the relationship extend even past the contract or job.

Purple Turtle Group was founded in 1998 as a Television Production Company. As technology evolved so did our solutions which saw the dawn of our SNG and other Satellite Services servicing local as well as international broadcasters from South Africa and the Africa region through our range of flyaway and DSNG trucks.
Around 2007 Purple Turtle Communications started to suffer a lot of broken equipment in shipping through Africa for SNG Jobs and we looked for a way to reduce damage and give us better control over our equipment while in transit. Purple Turtle Aviation was born and through the purchase of our own aircraft has allowed our group the ability to get places faster and at the same time get there without any broken equipment. Faster reaction times to remote places was also a benefit of taking the concept of "flyaway" literally flying it away ourselves. Purple Turtle Aviation also has unique offerings to the Aviation industry.
Again technology advanced further in 2009 with the start of the live internet streaming seeing the birth of Purple Turtle Media with a focus of all things streaming and online broadcast related. Purple Turtle Media has been streaming in and from Africa since then and has a long term proven track record in the Africa context.
Our solutions are not just words, we have the proven track record in the Africa region to back it up as well.