Are Tethered drones legal in South Africa or do they fall under Part 101 drone licenses?

This is a question that comes up extremely often and many people have their ideas on this, most of them with a sales agenda.
Be careful and find the truth for yourselves and verify it before purchasing to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

Unlike the UK and other countries South Africa’s CAA (Civil Aviation Association) views things differently and this is where many go wrong reading online about rules in other countries.
When it comes to drones in South Africa the South African Air law applies as well as drone law Part 101.
Tethered Balloons are under CAA laws in South Africa for safety.
Drones are under Part 101 RPAS law in South Africa.
So, it stands to reason Tethered drones are still subject to CAA Law.
Part 101 Drone law was drawn up for Air Safety and Safety of People around.
There is no way a tethered drone can offer ZERO risks. So to mitigate these risks CAA regulates the use of tethered drones.
This was also confirmed by CAA as well, who require Operational procedures and safety sections to be written in the Operations Manual of any ROC operator operating a Tethered drone.
So, before you are taken in by slick sales pitches promising you’re the ability to operate “legally” using a tethered drone, check the law for yourself, contact CAA RPAS division as well.

To find out more about Tethered drones and their legal uses please feel free to contact us for more information on sales and services.

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