Legal broadcast drone by Purple Turtle

Purple Turtle Aviation True True Broadcast Drone, South Africa, making LIVE Broadcast quality drones for Broadcast, OB and Reality TV possible.

With the explosion of drones into the world applications for them have popped up in many areas especially TV.
Till recently drones in live broadcast posed several challenges and limitations as majority of drones are off the shelf DJI drones.
These drones although they may offer semi HDMI/SDI outputs do not fit well into the broadcast workflows especially when using Outside Broadcast vans.

Purple Turtle Aviation, UAV and Drone Services, South Africa has the solution for the Real true broadcasters needs from a drone.
Built from the ground up with Live Broadcast workflows in mind, our Broadcast drones in South Africa offer the stability, quality and control that is expected from broadcast infrastructure with ZERO compromise.

Some of the unique feature of our Live Broadcast Drones are:

•    RCP Integration for drone camera to OB truck
•    Vislink air to ground link for highest stability in full HD
•    Broadcast camera with broadcast senses
•    Remote zoom, focus controls
•    CAA licensed legal drones
•    Public liability insurance (only available to legal drone operators)
•    21 Years Broadcast engineering and production experience as a company
•    11+ years aviation experience

With true Broadcast TV, OB and SNG outside broadcast and transmission experience Purple Turtle UAV and Drone Services brings you True Broadcast Drones that are FULLY Legal and Licensed By South African CAA (www.caa.co.za)

Contact Purple Turtle Aviation, UAV and Drone services, Port Elizabeth, South Africa today to find out how our true broadcast drones can be used in your next live production, OB or reality show.

also visit www.uavdroneservices.co.za