Drones are here to stay, if we like it or not they are everywhere. But what does that mean for our privacy and even security? Are you now ever alone and in privacy? What about your business, airport, data centre and other locations that contain sensitive data or product. How do you know when there is a non friendly drone near and what can you do about it. Purple Turtle Aviation now have the solution for you. From basic drone detection to more advance drone neutralisation systems, portable or fixed installations we have the solution for you.

Take back your privacy today with Purple Turtle Drone Detection Services. Contact us for more information.

The global UAV and Drone market is growing faster than anyone could have expected and most certainly faster than the regulators expected or can regulate. So that means that it will be a while before you security from the sky can be assured, if ever so your security from Drones and UAV’s is up to you.

Concerned about your privacy being invaded from the air at home, work or play by unethical drone pilots? Would you like to know the drone peeping Tom is coming before you hear or see them? (in many cases, they are not heard to seen) Are you concerned about risks of attack from the sky or delivery of contra ban via drones.

If you have said YES to any of the above, then Purple Turtle Drone Detection Services has the very solution for you no matter what level of protection you require. Drone detection and Protection services range from and include the following (part or, all of the below)

  • drone detection so you know it’s coming in advance and where it is coming from
  • drone pilot control point identification (so you can find and detail the Peeing Tom)
  • drone neutralisation, take it out of the sky before it poses a greater risk

Give us a call CONTACT US to discuss your specific application and we will do our best to suggest and build an application solution around your needs so you only pay for what you need.