Live Broadcast Drone services for Live Outside Broadcasts, Drone Newsgathering and Reality TV, designed for the demanding broadcast environment and not a drone off the shelf.

More productions now want to use drones in Live Broadcasts, but using them legally can be complicated without a CAA licensed and insured legal drone service provider, this has limited Drone use in Live outside broadcasts till now.

Purple Turtle Aviation’s UAV Drone Services, South Africa is here to help change this with their dedicated custom-built broadcast drones offering broadcast quality, stability and dependability required for live broadcast quality outside broadcasts and productions.

Hiring a Purple Turtle Aviation Broadcast drone (or DNG Drone Newsgathering drone) means you get professional stable video not possible with off the shelf drones today.
Over 21 years serving the international broadcast industry, 27 years production experience and over 12 years in Aviation we are uniquely positioned to offer broadcast drone hire in South Africa and internationally that meets the standards and needs of leading broadcasters around the world.
That coupled with Outside Broadcast Truck (OB) integration via RCP, broadcast quality cameras and lenses, makes our international drone broadcast services solution the perfect choice.

Operating in South Africa and Globally Purple Turtle Aviation brings cutting edge drone-based broadcast solutions to the world, making stable, quality drone broadcasting a reality.

To Hire Purple Turtle Aviation Broadcast Drone services contact us today to find out more and make your next Outside broadcast or reality show that much more gripping with stunning aerial broadcast drone live links. And if you want to know more about our UAV Drone Broadcast services and solutions visit us at www.uavdroneservices.co.za