UAV Drone Services powered by Purple Turtle Aviation, Port Elizabeth, South Africa is proud to announce their latest drone-based broadcast video solution.

One of the biggest challenges with drones has been how to  deliver live low delay broadcast quality HD video from the drone to the people who need to see it.
Be it live broadcast TV events or drone-based site video inspections, the need to get the video to another site live and without delay has always been a challenge.
There are some options on the market for this but they all suffer from high latency delay in the video making real time communication with people onsite a nightmare with the video the end user seeing delays of over 10 seconds or more even.

Purple Turtle’s Broadcast division now brings you the UAV Drone services powered by Purple Turtle aviation’s LIVE Broadcast Drone HD broadcast link.
This real time low latency video link allows Realtime HD video to be broadcast to anywhere in the world fully encrypted to ensure security all the way.
The benefit of real time low latency links is it allows the end user to give voice direction over the phone in real time to the drone camera operator as if he was on site watching the monitor.

The live Broadcast drone solutions is offered by Purple Turtle Aviation UAV Drone Services as part of our drone-based video broadcast and filming solutions or as a contracted in service for 3rd party drone operators.

Purple Turtle Aviation leads in drone-based technology in South Africa being the 1st CAA registered ROC holder for legal drone operations to:
1.    Have full Mode S ADSB transponders registered with CAA to be visible on-air traffic control radars to ensure maximum safety to air space users
2.    1st ROC with Tethered operations approved in operations manual.
3.    1st to offer live low latency broadcast quality video from drone to where in the world.

And the list of innovations continues.

To find out more about UAV Drone services Powered by Purple Turtle Aviation cc out of Port Elizabeth, South Africa visit https://www.purpleturtle.co.za/uavdroneservices or https://www.uavdroneservices.co.za for more information or call or WhatsApp us on +27 83 654 0932 or CONTACT US via our website