Broadcast network monitoring and compliance. Key Part of any Broadcaster online or satellite is monitoring of essential equipment performance and compliance. This can often be a headache to do especially 24/7 monitoring. Our broadcast system compliance monitoring and system monitoring reduces your stress and increases your stability and uptime

Do you know when part of your Broadcast network fails with in seconds? Hardware device failure and or malfunction failures? Knowing this information is key to being able to keep your broadcast onair or online running. Purple Turtle Broadcast monitoring systems are specifically designed for each customers environment. Our goal in our monitoring system is not to alert you of a failure but rather through intelligent systems advise you of a building failure before it fails. Prevention is better than cure and any failure starts as a smaller incident and escalates. Our focus is identifying these smaller incident and trends of failure to allow you time to fix before a major service affecting failure happen. Our monitoring approach is preventative rather than reactive alarming.

Clients are notified by SMS and or Email of any network or devices issues in their system requiring attention. Several points are monitored and the message contains information as to what part of your system the issue is related to thus simplifying your problem solving substantially. Knowing the root of the problem makes fixing it quicker and reduces time spent fault finding to get to the root of the cause.

Items we are able to monitor for you:

  • Servers, software and hardware
  • Networking and routers
  • System access logging
  • Hardware encoders
  • Hardware satellite or IP decoders
  • Compliant monitoring of satellite signals and broadcast ensuing you get your SLA uptime.
  • Compliance recording of satellite signals and DVB-T
  • Playout server vitals and resource monitoring
  • Any IP enabled device

The above list if not an exhaustive list by any means. You name it we will monitor it for you.

Allow Purple Turtle Broadcast to reduce your monitoring and staffing costs. Our monitoring is 24/7 365 with up to 5 second or better resolution so few bugs or errors get away from us. The average monthly savings versus paying staff has more than covered service costs in the first month for most clients. Plus the added peace of mind that everything is being checked ever 5 seconds for faults or inconsistencies, outperforms anything any human can do for you.

Contact us today to find out how we can reduce your stress and help you find problems before they become a problem.