Broadcast solutions Africa. No matter what your need allow Purple Turtle to assist you in building the broadcast infrastructure you need. Need Advice on starting your own TV channel?

We have you covered with our 22 years true broadcast experience as a company (since 1998) not to forget our 100% success rate of new channels launching with u staying on air.

We will take a great amount of time to hear what you want to do and where you want to go. From there we will propose solutions to you that will help you grow to the Vision BUT at the same time not breaking the bank. Our focus is to find the best way for your viewers to view media you product.

All our solutions are future proof and allow you to grow into them more. They will not be out of date next year. Unlike other suppliers its our passion to hear your vision and to build a solution around you to help you achieve that vision.
A successful solution supplied by us is one that caters for 110% of what the client needs and wants.
We don’t supply systems for the sake of making a sale as we are focused on building a long term relationships with customers and “grabbing the wallet and running”  does not cut it for us.
All our solutions are custom designed around you. We will not push you into a box of pre-made systems. We also make use to new non traditional technology to help you achieve more, for less cost with higher “wow factor”

Some of the solutions we offer (not a exhaustive list)
  • Virtual TV channel set up and design (our TV in the Cloud option)
  • TV channel set up and design
  • Multi Camera solutions
  • Broadcast Video links globally connecting you
  • Satellite uplink from Africa and South Africa
  • Satellite delivery and broadcast to DTH
  • Internet broadcast video delivery (up to HD quality at 99%+ uptime)
  • Webtv streaming at satellite quality and to mobile devices.
  • Broadcasting online
  • WebTV
  • Online WEBTV channels from playout to streaming.

So if you need Advice on starting your own TV channel look no further. Ask about our 4 week 1:1 coaching/mentoring program OR direct consulting services.

Purple Turtle leads, the others just copy and follow!

Contact us to find out how we can make your vision a success.

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