Need profesional broadcast input?  Are you wanting to start a new TV channel?Need to decide on best broadcast solutions but just dont know. Want someone to evaluate quotes you have received to find the best option. Then  Purple Turtle Broadcast Consult is for you.

In this day and age where Broadcast technologies are evolving almost daily, it’s hard to keep on the cutting edge and worse its hard to be able to make the correct decisions for the long term without them costing you down the line.  This decision can be paralysing through overthinking.

Everyone is on limited budgets for their broadcast solutions, be it Outside Broadcast (OB), ENG, EFP production or starting a new Broadcast Television channel from scratch, every cent counts. Making a bad call will have a negative impact down the line. How do you avoid it? Employee a specialist full time? That will break the bank for sure!

Purple Turtle Broadcast Consultation services is the solution you need for the following problem (please note this list is not limited, we will build a solution for you around any problem you may have)

  1. Are you Looking to purchase new Broadcast hardware, software equipment but not sure what’s best?
  2. You have several Broadcast quotes for a solution but don’t know what one is best and if its giving you wat you need?
  3. Need advice or a solution on a problem you have in your Production or Broadcast Television environment?
  4. Wanting to launch a new Television channel but need someone to help you navigate your way so you are not taken advantage of by suppliers or solution suppliers?
  5. Do You need to build an outside broadcast system or satellite uplink system but don’t know where to start?
  6. Do you have an existing broadcast setup you want to have reviewed to see how effectively its operating and how it can be improved?
  7. Are you a church, media ministry or TV Channel operator and need to see if what you doing is the most cost-effective way of doing things and how you can save money on your broadcast television operations?
  8. Are you wanting to start a media ministry or tv channel but don’t know where to start?
  9. Do you have a broadcast problem that has you stumped?
  10. Or do you just need input from a neutral 3rd party to give perspective?

Purple Turtle Broadcast Consultation is the solution for you. Ok so you think you can’t afford to have someone consult and help you right? This is where you are wrong. In most cases our service will help you save money and it will cover its own costs.

We offer different packages to assist in solutions from once off hourlies (you get to pick our brain for an hour and only billed for that hour) to larger projects where we bill on a project basis so you know what you are in for costs wise before it starts.

We help you see the pro’s and con’s and hidden pit falls of all the options so you can make an informed decision to move forwards.

Give us a try and see how Purple Turtle Broadcast Consulting will help your projects take a forward in the right direction.

Contact us today to see how we can help and guide you make your TV vision a reality.