Connect your Company with LIVE Business TV Corporate Television broadcasting events via satellite or DVB over IP. Budget broadcast options available to help your active your objectives.

As your company grows keeping everyone connected and on the same page becomes more and more challenging. How do you keep the inter branch connection without breaking the bank having people flying around the country to attend events?

There is a solution.

Purple Turtle Live Corporate and Business Television Broadcasts connects everyone via a live Satellite or IP Video link so everyone can be part of one event live without having to travel around the country.

Live links can be one site to many or inter connected live sites where you cross to each venue in the live broadcast fully connecting everyone live.

We send our SNG (satellite new gathering) satellite broadcast and IP Broadcast trucks to you at your offices, and take care of the reception at your branches as well. We handle it all to make it simpler for you.

The solution can also be used for training where you have one specialist who needs to connect with every branch or office. Rather than traveling and doing the course multiple times they can present it once to everyone via live Satellite Broadcast or IP Video links. Viewers can interact live with the trainer as well, so you have the interactivity you would expect in a training session.

Save time and money not having to do the same training several times over using traditional approaches.

Solutions are built for client’s budgets with satellite being the high end solutions and DVB over IP being a more mid-range budget solution. So there is something for everyone.

Purple Turtle builds a solution around your company’s unique needs that works for your objectives.

Give us a call today to find out how we can help you connect your business via Live Business TV Corporate Television Broadcasting and become another one of our happy clients.

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