Case Studies

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The New Apostolic Church South Africa chose Purple Turtle Communications/Media as their broadcast partner to migrate their ADHOC pay as you go satellite TV channel from DSTV to a dedicated 24/7 Purple Turtle run Satellite TV channel on the popular IS20 satellite. (where DSTV is)

Broadcast live and in REAL time film set to the other side of the world for the director to see filming live in real time and in HD. How did Purple Turtle Solve this problem for a global leader feature film production company?

RTM Television broadcasts their 2016 South Africa Conference LIVE to their studio using ONLY LTE in HD, saving money and adding a new dimension to their channel introducing LIVE event broadcasts.

The client reached out to us as their annual costs for training was sky rocketing as they often had to get people to travel to the training point which meant flights accommodation etc. Since they had offices all around Southern Africa these costs added up. The question was, was it possible to be able to help them save the costs connect everyone but at the same time now loose the personal connection side of it.

Purple Turtle was approached by FlowTV of the TBI group South Africa for a solution for delivering their channel FlowTV to Sky in the UK for broadcast on satellite. Their current Telkom dedicate leased line circuit was creating major packet loss thus affecting their video to the point that the channel was off air for major periods of time affecting viewership as well as broadcast partner’s interests.

Purple Turtle was contacted by Run Walk for Life’s production team for their annual global celebration link up. Their request was for a 2 way satellite uplink from Zambia, South Africa and Tanzania (rural)
Video would be sent via satellite and needed to be received by us and sent to big screens at the venues so that the people gathered in the venue could see the global event happening and be part of it.
Each site needed to have a satellite link running the whole time with live video so allow HQ to cut to the regions to show it on the world feed

Purple Turtle was approached by Nigerian Church Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries asking us to look at how we could help them take their existing satellite television channel to viewers outside of Africa without the high costs of extra satellite coverage would carry. At this stage streaming was not very popular as bandwidth was not really into Africa yet however USA and UK bandwidth was not an issue. Live streaming of satellite TV channel was the focus

Purple Turtle received a call from a Port Elizabeth brands agency. They explained they were having a brand promotion in Sandton Square in Johannesburg which they wished to gain extra exposure for online. The concept was a car give away whereby 5 contestants spent the week in the car with one person voted out daily as well as several tasks they had to complete, winner takes the car.