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Live streaming Brand Promotion Competition using lve streaming online to spread the brand awareness

Purple Turtle received a call from a Port Elizabeth brands agency. They explained they were having a brand promotion in Sandton Square in Johannesburg which they wished to gain extra exposure for online. The concept was a car give away whereby 5 contestants spent the week in the car with one person voted out daily as well as several tasks they had to complete, winner takes the car.

Their specific requirements:

  • Multiple video cameras in the Car with the ability to switch between them
  • Low light camera capabilities for clear night viewing
  • Audio from inside the car to hear what was going on
  • Live streaming of this to the clients website
  • Possibility to add branding and logos onto the live stream


  • The event was short notice and was from a very busy public space.
  • Bandwidth needed to be obtained on short notice for the event.Mul
  • tiple cameras in a small car.
  • Brand new car limited camera install methods to preserve the interior
  • Limited budget so there was no budget for an engineer on site all week.
  • Required simple user system so untrained people could operate as well as have support on hand 24/7 in case they got into a problem


Purple Turtle designed and deployed a customised 3 camera system, a hybrid Outside Broadcast (OB) service, which was installed into the car. These cameras all had infra-red options so would supply visuals even in the lowest of light conditions. Microphones were places all over the interior of the car so everything could be heard. These were combined with intelligent auto mixing to ensure viewers could always hear.

A smart video mixer was used to cut between the cameras and apply any titles and logos on the live stream using the Purple Turtle Live streaming system. To further backup the users the system was fully remoted so it could be controlled from 1000km away by our team in case there were any problems. For large parts of the production it was switched and mixed remotely over the remote link.

The only down side was due to the client choosing to use 3G against our advice, at peak times 3G bandwidth would drop which affected the streaming. However we optimised the stream as much as possible to handle these drops and keep pictures and audio running so when there was bandwidth quality was extremely high and when bandwidth dropped the quality dropped to accommodate.


The live event gained many thousand viewers exclusively online. People who would not have been able to be at the event themselves tuned in from around the world. Clients branding was present on the stream as well as the viewing page thus increasing brand exposure during the event. Also the amount of time the average viewer spend watching the live “Big Brother”  type stream was quiet incredible and exceeded expectations.

View some of the event on Youtube here

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