playout server

Start a TV channel on is20, need a playout server to run your channel, try our cloud servers, save costs, maintain quality through customized solutions built around you.

To run your own satellite TV channel on is20 or any other satellite you need a Playout server.

A Playout server is a server that holds all your programming/video files and allows you o do scheduling of what plays when on your channel. The playout server is the heart and life of your channel and critical to having a channel. Without a playout server all you have is expensive satellite space broadcasting black.

Purple Turtle Media Africa’s leader is customized broadcast solutions for new start-up satellite TV channels, especially on the popular is20 FTA satellite recognizes the importance of these servers as well as the costs they can carry for clients doing their own.

To reduce the financial burden on new start up channels Purple Turtle Media has developed their cloud-based playout system that allows new channels to take advantage of our technologies at lower prices keeping CAPEX as low as possible when starting your new satellite TV channel on is20.

We offer many different approaches for ingesting new content designed around the client’s situation and setup. We acknowledge that one solution does not fit all, thus our solutions are customised around the client.

Once the content is on your server you are able to access your server from anywhere in the world on many different devices via secured remote desktop link so you are always 1 click away from your playout server and being in full control of your channel. That coupled with our best in industry monitoring systems and quality control ensure your channel remains problem free. Our monitoring system lets you know there are any problems before viewers even call you.

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