Drone services, solutions and customisation for clients who need something out of the ordinary because same old is just not good enough.

At Purple Turtle UAV and Drone services South Africa we recognise that not everyone is the same and that each company has different needs.
Drones have exploded onto the market offering many unique solutions to unique problems but not all solutions meet a client’s needs 100%.
Purple Turtle Aviation’s engineering team works with new clients to customise and design drone-based solutions that suite their needs and objectives to allow cost-effective cutting-edge drone technology deployment.
At the end of the day if you are using a tool to make your business easier that tool needs to be sharp and directed to 100% success in all it does otherwise its just wasting your time and money.
From video services to thermal imagery tracking and aerial sensing Purple Turtle UAV and Drone services can merge different technologies to better meet your objectives

Some of the solutions we have integrated so far are
•    Thermal imagery for inspection and intruder detection and night game spotting
•    Live drone video with target tracking, painting and identification, full smart video processing with target tracking
•    Broadcast video links and video
•    Video production drone-based video solutions in 4K RAW broadcast quality (not the DJI Phantom and others drone 4k, we operate professional 4k cameras)
•    Drone based emergency lightings systems of over 100 000 lumens plus
•    Tethered drone-based solutions for unlimited flight times
•    Live low latency (low delay) HD video drone links delivered globally in real time to anywhere in the world with around 1 second delay.

Purple Turtle UAV and Drone solutions speciality is building unique UAV and drone-based solutions to client’s unique problems.
We don’t bring drones we bring solutions.

Purple Turtle Aviation UAV and drone services is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa but operates around South Africa and international as required. CAA legal (ROC CAA/G1310D)

To find out more about how we can assist you on completing your drone-based solution to make your business workflow easier please feel free to contact us at any time via our contact page on our site.

To find out more contact Purple Turtle at www.uavdroneservices.co.za