DIY Playout services for satellite Vs Hosted Playout services on is20. Purple Turtle Helps your viewers view media in new ways making starting your own TV channel simpler and more effective.

Starting your own TV channel on satellite is a big step to take, with so many options you can go with. The more options you hear the more it can become over whelming confusing creating decision paralysis.

Most times sales people are “suggesting” what you should do, but its hard to see if what they are saying has merit or if its just another sale pitch. So, we thought we would highlight one of these issues today in this article: Playout servers! Do you Do it yourself or do you pay a supplier for it or take their “free” playout service. Let’s take a look at each option.

What is a Playout server?  And why do I need one to run my own TV channel?

Playout servers have all your video TV programs on them and allow you to remotely manage your daily schedules and playlists which is what people see on your channel. The server manages and runs your channel 24/7.
Playout servers are the heart of your channel and without them you will only have black air on satellite.
Choosing this carefully is key as it defines the stability and look of your channel.

Service provider supplied server or “free” playout server

This is where a 3rd party supplies you a broadcast video playout server that you operate remotely, and it becomes your channel in a box to run your channel.
In most cases you upload your very big video files to the server online which means you need to have a fast internet connection to be able to do so.
Keep this in mind as slow upload can be really frustrating especially when you are trying to upload big video files to your server at the last minute.
You are also limited should you wish to do live broadcasts on your channel as well. And this will require additional charges to be able to do. Also, be aware of “free” services.

FACT there is nothing free in life and when FREE services are offered stop and ask the question “WHY is it free” the costs are built in somewhere else and always comes with strings.
Don’t be fooled by “free services” offered by sales people and don’t that the lure of “FREE” stuff cloud your judgement.
“Free” services are used by sales people to manipulate customers into signing.

DIY Playout services for satellite (Do it Yourself)

This is where YOU do your own playout server, YOU have full control over your channel as the playout server is at your offices with you and not on the internet miles away.
Loading new programs is as easy as copying the files to the server yourself and no need to upload anything file wise.
If you want to broadcast live then you broadcast live no extra charges needed at all.
DIY playout solutions you are in full control of your new satellite channel all the time and not at the mercy of a 3rd party Everyone avoids DIY playout as they think it’s complicated and expensive.
It does not have to be.

HOWEVER, self hosted does place you at risk and can increase your costs as you need to maintain hardware as well as network infrastructure, UPS and backup power supplies and internet to keep your channel on air. So be sure you have looked at all of this as well as DIY in some cases can be a bad call and add to your costs.

Purple Turtle Team specialize in guiding new channel build their own playout servers from basic to more advanced at low prices.
Purple Turtle Media always suggest to clients to go with their own DIY self-supplied playout server. (not that we don’t want the extra businesses) but we like to help new channels develop and take control of their channel and use their funds wisely.

Our Clients:

Each client has unique needs and a cookie cutter solution offering is NOT the way to go. Purple Turtle Satellite and Media work with each client and assist them with the best solution for them.
Over the years we have found usually its wiser for new start ups to go with a Hosted server and migrate to self hosted over time. WHY? This is becuase the laearning curve is always 10x more than you expect so the Purple Turtle Hosted playout server allows you to focus on running the channel while we take care of the tech stuff. Then when you ready down the line you can migrate to DIY self supply.

Start small, Grow Big! is the Purple Turtle method for successful new startup launches.

Purple Turtle Media has launched several cutting-edge solutions for new channels wanting to broadcast on the popular is20 satellite in Africa, bringing now the option of lower cost, higher quality services never seen before. Usually lower cost means lower quality. But through smart use of the latest technologies Purple Turtle have been able to release several new packages to power new satellite TV channels further.

If you want to DIY playout services for satellite or have Purple Turtle supply you hosted solutions we have both options for you, to suite you.

Also ask about our “Tv Channel startup coaching” program from $530 for 4 weeks where we help you grow and develop your channel before startup.

We also have online TV channel solutions from $600 per month and our is20 satellite options from $6800 per month. Ask us to find out more. OH, you need to have your funding in place 1st, we don’t fund or supply funding.

Contact us today to find out more.
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