Take Newsgathering to new heights with the Purple Turtle Aviation Drone Newsgathering Drone (DNG), Capture news like never before with birds eye views. (ROC CAA/G1310D)

Purple Turtle Aviation and Communications SNG are proud to bring you our Drone Newsgathering (DNG) Live broadcast drone services from South Africa.
Drones are changing the way the world does things and TV newsgathering is  no different.
Most of the drones out there are designed for prosumers and not broadcasters which limits their usefulness.
The Purple Turtle Aviation UAV Drone Services South Africa news drones are different, they are designed from the ground up for Live Broadcast Newsgathering in Full HD.

Some of our key unique features are

•    Broadcast quality HD Uncompressed video links to ground using industry proven broadcast tech
•    Broadcast quality cameras with full camera control
•    20x Optical zoom lens to catch the action
•    Extended flight times
•    Optional unlimited flight time drone solution
•    South African CAA licensed and approved Legal drone services
•    Public Liability insurance (only available to CAA approved legal operators)
•    Backed by over 20 years broadcast experience of Purple Turtle Communications and SNG
•    Over 10 years aviation experience.

Purple Turtle AV drone services are not off the shelf generic drones, they are custom built for the broadcast industry’s needs and demanding requirements.

Contact us today to find out how Purple Turtle can make a difference in your Newsgathering with our Drone newsgathering Drones and SNG Satellite uplink trucks and flyaways. 
To find out the information https://www.uavdroneservices.co.za