FAQ starting satellite TV channels are far and few between. Starting your own satellite TV channel and broadcasting in Africa, Europe and the middle east to reach 98+ countries and 2 BILLION people exclusively with Purple Turtle is the most impactful choice you will make media wise. BUT with great benefit comes great responsibility to do it right and launch successfully.

To help you on your journey we have compiled our FAQ Starting Satellite TV with some risks to be on the lookout for and solve before they become and issue and affect your new satellite TV channel start up

FAQ: Starting Satellite TV channels

A brief overview of the pitfalls and mistakes commonly made


Overall, it is important to partner with a vendor with experience in the field, like Purple Turtle Media We have a long history of 25 plus years successful satellite broadcasting and are Africa’s leader in the highest visual quality for price satellite channels around.

Having the right equipment, people, and strategies in place before launching is also essential for a successful satellite TV channel. It is also important to understand the viewers’ needs and wants and to create quality content that caters to those needs. Lastly, it is important to remain flexible and open to change, as the market and the competition can change quickly.

Should you have any questions about this FAQ starting satellite TV please feel free to contact us

Some more information that may be of interest on your journey: