Get your startup TV channel funded

Do you have an idea for a startup TV channel funded, but don’t know where to start? Keep on reading.

Finance is the biggest obstacle holding back new channels. What if you could unlock funding in under 1 Minute? YES 1 MINUTE! You read it correctly! Funders want to see well developed projects that grab their attention and not bore them to death.

Purple Turtle has put together a 1st in the industry, ground breaking solution to help you take your dream from an idea to FUNDED and reality. The Startup TV channel Coaching program offers you the following:

  • Walk away after the 4 weeks with the ability to get funded in under 1 minute.
  • Refining your idea to truly 1 of a kind solution people need and want to see.
  • Learn to understand what funders want to see so you can speak their language.
  • Avoid “founder blind spots” with specialist external eyes and input.
  • 4 week course to start, with weekly 1:1 zoom video calls with you and your team.
  • Money Back Guarantee. Because we know this course is that powerful.
  • Learn skills that will save you $100 000 plus not making rookie mistakes.
  • Learn where others failed so you do not make the same mistakes

Hear what Previous course Participants had to say about how effective the Get your Startup TV channel Funded course is.

Get your startup TV channel funded
TV channel startup
TV channel startup

You only get to launch your Startup TV channel once. Why risk launching without learning from Purple Turtle, what caused many before you to fail? The course will more than pay for its self in savings by avoiding those common mistakes. It all starts with going about the right way to get your startup TV channel planned and funded.

This course is a true one of its kind in the industry. Drawing from Purple Turtles 25+ years True Broadcast experience. Availability is limited. Everyone says that right as a sales line. BUT in this case it is reality as RiC (Purple Turtles CEO) only takes on a few coaching clients per month due to limited time and to ensure quality of the coaching experience.

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