Broadcast delivery via the internet? Is that even possible or wise? Any good TV channel needs to have a good backbone to deliver their material and collect live broadcast to get the best programming to air for viewers. This usually never comes cheap with the price of dedicated fiber internationally (as well as locally in Southern Africa) not being very cheap to make it happen for smaller channels. We have a proven solution to save money and allow you to do more.

However Purple Turtle have the solution for you. Imagine being able to have a globally connected video network for video and audio SD and HD without burning large sums of money.
What if you could receive live video from anywhere in the world back to your channel at around 50% plus cheaper than usual, would that get your interest?
Your own globally connected video network
The internet is by far the worlds biggest and most connected network. But until now its not been stable enough to use for broadcast video. Imagine if it was. You would have true global access.

What would you say if we said, it is now possible? Skeptical I am sure. What if we were to tell you it was possible at even over 99%+* uptime EVEN from Africa (*stats based on real services operating out of South Africa) What if we told you that packet loss on video delivery over the internet was a thing of the past. And what if we told you the system is DVB compliant and can interface directly with your existing broadcast systems so you have no change in work flow.
Now the big ending! Your video can go from 1 place to multiple places in the world (outside of global satellite beams) at the same time, something satellite can’ t do despite its high costs. You can even monitor it from your desktop PC. Visit our case studies to see how the Purple Turtle Global connect online media solution has revolutionized our clients operations

Global Connect deployment solutions

  • Channel back haul and delivery
  • News Contribution feeds both live and tape feed
  • Live special events delivery back to your HQ from anywhere in the world
  • Any situation where you need to get broadcast video from point A to point B
  • DVB over IP
  • Integration with your existing broadcast workflow
  • Solution where internet connectivity is poor.
  • bonded connections allowing LTE and wifi backup for important links
  • remote broadcasting on bonded internet connections

We specialise in connecting places that are normally expensive to connect with broadcast links.

Contact us today to chat to us about possible solutions to your broadcast challenges and see why more people are choosing the Purple Turtle approach to broadcasting.