launch a TV channel in Africa

How do you go about starting a Satellite TV channel on is20 satellite so that views can view media you create?

Since the question of “How do you launch a satellite TV channel in Africa” comes to us almost daily we thought we would address the question to help new satellite start-ups make the right decisions and avoid wasting money.

All Successful TV channels comes from a solid grounded UNIQUE vision.

People watch TV channels that are

1.    Unique
2.    Fill a gap in the market
3.    Are relevant to them as a viewer
4.    Channel leaders and pioneers

So the 1st step is asking yourself those questions in your vision, how do you ensure those.

AVOID the Cardinal Mistake

Made by most channels that fail and this is, “we want to be like channel XYZ”
Remember channel XYZ is successful because they followed the 4 rules above.
Copying them will not mean success. They’re successful because they are uniquely themselves as leaders and viewers follow leaders and not followers.

SELECT the right service provider
Since your service provider is key to your success this is the next important part.

You want a satellite service provider who
1.    Gets AND shares and supports your vision
2.    Treats you like a person and not account number
3.    Offers personalized service to you.
4.    Allows you direct access to decision makers
5.    Service provider that grows with you and your vision as well as technology, so you never left behind.
6.    Instant access to support via real people you get to know

DON’T look at cost only.

Avoid shiny things, they distract you from what you need. Don’t make your decision on provider only on price. Remember you get what you pay for. With cheap nothing worth having comes cheap.
Cheap and especially FREE offers you need to question why its free and look for the catches.

Purple Turtle Media is a specialist Broadcast and media company based in South Africa and has been in the industry since 1998.

We are not just a reseller like many are, we are a specialist broadcaster who’s focus is customized service to clients.
Because of this we may not take on all new clients, unless we see same shared vision and most importantly that we can see the client will succeed.
We do not believe it is ethical to take money from people we see might fail.
Our client’s success is our success.

So when you looking to launch well on is20 satellite view media by viewers is critical. WE show you how to succeed 100%

Contact Purple Turtle today OR or follow us on FACEBOOK to find out how we can help you take your vision to reality.

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