How to start a TV channel on DSTV

We often get asked the question “How much does it cost to have a TV channel on DSTV”. When people are looking to start their on TV channel on is20, to allow people to view media they create in new ways.

Here is the answer to the question you have been looking for FINALLY!

Q: I want my TV channel on DSTV, is it possible?

A: The short answer is, unless you are a massive channel that brings massive viewers NO. Granted its not the answer you want to hear I am sure. BUT if it was that easy everyone would be on DSTV and the quality of DSTV channels would fall massively.

But not all is lost, Purple Turtle can help you launch your own TV channel on the SAME SATELLITE as DSTV. This means DSTV decoders can tune in easily if they support the service. This then allows you to establish credibility as a channel that is successful and lasts and THEN DSTV may consider you (no promises here though)

Starting your own TV channel

This is no easy task. You NEED to have your funding secured already. Purple Turtle does NOT help with funding we power the technology to help you run the channel. Please note prices range from (at time of publishing this article) $6800 per month for entry level satellite TV channel on is20 up. Online TV channel from $800 per month up.
Once you have secured your funding we can assist drive the technology to make it a reality. View Purple Turtles pricing HERE

Our Clients:

Learning options

We offer a unique Coaching/Mentoring package focused on helping People Start their own TV channels. This is a 4 week course with weekly zoom calls personalized to you. Price is $530 for the 4 weeks. Here you will learn what you need to do to make a TV channel that lasts and how to go about  using different methods to help your viewers view media in new ways. Contact US to find out more

We trust the above has helped You answer you question “How much does it cost to own a channel on DSTV” If not please reach out to us