investment to start a TV channel

What Investment is needed to Start a TV Channel?

When starting out on launching a new TV channel be it online or on Satellite, this is question many ask, “What sort of investment is needed to start a TV channel”  Understandably the Money side of things is critical after all most new TV channel startups launching fail due to cash flow issues.

So lets take a brief dive into what sort of investment is required to start your own TV channel or network.

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The cost of starting a TV channel:

  1. Monthly Broadcast Costs these are your set costs monthly to be on satellite or online. Often these costs may be your highest over all cost as they make the channel a reality. The costs of this differ depending on solutions. (At the time of publishing this article IS20 Satellite in Africa starts around $6800 per month up and online $600 up per month)
  2. Monthly staff costs. A TV channel is nothing without a solid team around you. Quality of your team and their output determines the quality and success of your channel. Do NOT go cheap here. Hire the best people. If you can’t afford them, wait a bit. You wont regret it.
  3. Hardware costs Many people go wrong and obsess about this and spend way to much here. Many hardware vendors will try sell you stuff you do not need. KEEP IT SIMPLE to start with. Start small, grow BIG. With the advances in technology even video editing can be done online without needing to buy expensive PC and MAC’s and online editing you only pay for what you use. Purple Turtle Specializes in unique solutions for our new start up clients.
  4. Your budget is never enough No matter how well you plan your budget will not be enough. Consider adding 30%+ additional buffer into your budget to cater for the over runs in expenses not foreseen.
  5. EMERGENCY FUND this is in our opinion most critical. We suggest you do a pressure test on your organization before starting. only start when you have 3 to 6 months total monthly costs in your bank account. This exercise will reveal many cracks in plans you can fix before you even go on air.
Starting your own TV Channel is not an easy project but can be very rewarding. Dreams are not enough to make them happen you need funding. There is no getting away from that.

If you want to learn how to start your channel and answer in detail “What investment is needed to start a TV channel” you may want to consider the Purple Turtle Media’s New TV channel Start Up Coaching program.

This is a 4 week one on one program done via zoom video call weekly and self study between. At the end you will have massive clarity on the way forwards, this we guarantee OR your money back.

For those who are ready Purple Turtle is the only vendor for the popular is20 satellite in Africa with a 100% success record of new channels launching with us staying on air. So lets have a chat and get you broadcasting and making an impact on your viewers that matters.

Satellite Custom
24/7 TV Channel
Custom channel for you
Suited to your budget
Unique solution built for you
Playout server options
Webtv/OTT options
Live Options
CBR Not inferior VBR
Satellite SD
$6500+ pm*
24/7 Sat Channel on is20
Basic visual quality
SD TV Channel
Playout server options
Control from any device
Webtv/OTT options
Live options
CBR Not inferior VBR
Most Popular
Satellite SD+
$9900+ pm*
24/7 Sat Channel on is20
High visual quality
Pre HD
Playout server options
Control from any device
Webtv/OTT options
Live options
CBR Not inferior VBR
Satellite HD
$11k+ pm*
24/7 Sat Channel on is20
Custom HD options
Playout server options
Control from any device
Webtv/OTT options
Live options
CBR Not inferior VBR
TV Coaching
1:1 course
4x Video calls
Self study modules
Find what sets you apart
Pitch in 30 seconds
Discover your value
Plan the way forwards
Online TV
$700 pm*
Streamed to social
Browser managed
View on your site
Earn & Learn
Mentorship Options
Learn and Grow
No hardware costs

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