how to tune your dstv decoder for free tv channels

Looking to start a Satellite TV Ministry? Media is a powerful tool if used correctly. Christian ministries around the world are realising the power of media and how it can be used effectively to reach the world with the Gospel, allowing people to view media in new ways.
But the idea of starting your own channel can be extremely intimidating, where do you even start.

Key to starting your own TV Channel or satellite TV ministry is VISION.
  1. Know who you are, where you are going and how as well as why you want to get there
  2. What makes you unique as a ministry and make it your focus on how you do things
  3. Why people would even want to hear what you are saying

Establishing this in detail is your start of a successful channel.
The next 2 parts are the most crucial for new ministry channels starting up a satellite TV ministry.

Our Clients:


How will you fund the satellite channel you wish to start? And how will you continue to fund it.
CAUTION we advise against the model of selling airtime as most channels with this model fail as its an over saturated market.
You want to ensure finance is taken care of otherwise the media tool will become a mill stone around the ministries neck and the tool is then broken as focus is lost.
Prices start from around $6500 per month upwards depending on satellite solution.


Content is king, without programming starting you new ministry satellite tv channel will fail. No one wants to watch repeats all the time.
Plan your content how you will use it and how you will keep it new.

The there is the TECHNICAL side. This is often something that intimidates new start up ministry satellite tv channels in Africa.
BUT that’s where Purple Turtle Media comes in.
We take care of the technical stuff to make your channel work. We focus on the technical and you focus on making great TV and keeping on your vision.
Purple Turtle Media is not just a service provider but is your partner in ministry as we seek to grow your vision and impact together. We operate different to most other suppliers out there as our focus is personal service and shared vision for success.

To find out how you can start your own Satellite TV Ministry and reach the world with new ways for viewers to view media. OR via the extremely popular is20 satellite that is viewed by the greatest number of households in Africa Contact Purple Turtle today to find out more OR or follow us on FACEBOOK to find out how we can help you take your vision to reality

OH, and if you serious. Ask about our “TV Channel Start Up Coaching program” $530 for 4 week 1:1 course done via zoom video call.
Online TV channels from $600 per month, Is20 Satellite TV channel from $6800 per month and we suggest you have 3 months secured funding in your account to ensure greater success.

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