So, you are having a big corporate and want to Broadcast live event event and  connect all your offices/branches around the country/world to it, but you don’t want people to have to travel for miles and increase your already climbing costs.
What are your options?
You could live stream it, but as we all know live streaming is not always dependable and can raise the stress levels when the video drops out and you have many people at that viewing site viewing it all upset.
So, streaming is out as you prefer not to increase your already high blood pressure for this event

Then a Live broadcast via satellite is advisable. Yes, its more expensive than streaming BUT you know it will work and be stable and lower your stress.
Live satellite broadcasting is done with the help of SNG trucks and flyaway (Satellite NewsGathering) that are positioned at each site and form the link between site and satellite to deliver your events video in live HD via satellite.

The use of SNG trucks for a live event in Africa allows one site or multiple sites to be able to view the happenings at the main site. The sites can even be global so you can really connect everyone.
There are also options to make use of SNG trucks in Africa to have live bi-directional broadcasts allowing sites to interact and speak to each other as well, in real time with satellite.
The options for the use of Satellite to broadcast your live event is only limited as far as your creativity and budget is.
Satellite broadcasting is for sure the best way to reduce your stress and give you the peace of mind that streaming will not.

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