Starting a Satellite TV channel on is20 OR online TV so people can view media you create

At Purple Turtle we often get asked the question of how do we go about starting a Free To Air FTA DTH Satellite TV channel on is20 so we thought we would post some info to guide you on your journey. As always we are here to make the journey easy simple and most of all, Cost Effective.

Purple Turtle Group specializes in helping new start up satellite TV channels get on air and succeed through unrivaled customer service and step by step guidance the whole way. Its our aim and focus to maintain our 100% success rate for new channel start-ups. Being a client of Purple Turtle means you have a partner who shares your vision and has your back all the way, taking you forwards through technology. Clients are People and NOT account numbers for us.

Who do you want to reach and where are these people located? 

This question helps you narrow down your focus on the area where your viewers are located. Why is this relevant? Satellites for broadcast have something that is called a Satellite Footprint, this is a small area where their signal reaches a specific land masses. Outside this area it is not possible to receive the signal. This means viewers outside of your satellite footprint cannot view sat coverage signal no matter what they try. Here is an example to explain this better, should you select a satellite with an Africa Foot print, viewers in Africa can see your Satellite TV channel BUT the ability to view sat in Europe and USA is not possible. This is why knowing your audience is so important before you start.

What are your current video production and broadcast skills?

Since video production forms the very basis of your channel. Hence non-solid production teams and skills you will have problems when you start your channel. We always say as a rule of thumb when you plan your channel whatever you think you need video production wise double it before you start. Since a TV channel’s content is supply and demand your steady supply of new content is essential for keeping viewers. Remember viewers don’t watch a TV channel who plays the same programs over and over, they have choice today so if the content is not new and fresh they change the channel. Loyal TV channel viewers are something of the past as the ways people consume content has radically changed.


This is the hardest part of starting a TV channel. Technical problems are easy to solve and build but money can’t be manufactured. Be sure you have a solid business plan that people can get interested in especially if you don’t have a channel to show them yet (please contact us for solutions to assist you start and gather support. Please note we do NOT supply funding at all, but supply you some tools to make your vision alive and real so you can share with funders so they can see your vision in reality. A picture paints a thousand words)

Things to think about when approaching funding is:

What makes my channel unique.

Viewers are attracted to uniqueness.

Why would people watch my channel vs others out there?

Just because you have a channel does not mean you will have viewers

How are you using new media to reach viewers? 

Gone is the day of using a single medium to reach viewers, you need to be proactive and reach them through different mediums, online, social etc

What does the funder get out of it?

If we break it down even people with the purest intentions give to get something out of it. Consider this and how you can respect their intentions without compromising your integrity.

Also, when it comes to funding you should try ensuring you have 3-6 months funding secured and in the bank before you start. You only get 1 chance to launch and make an impression if you fail you lose most supporters when you try re-launch. So be sure you have a lot in place before you start so you can do it once and do it in excellence.

Once you have these in place the rest becomes a lot simpler. The success of a TV channel is in the preparation and planning so be sure to do it well.

Once you flip the ON AIR switch there is no going back. In 95% of clients we have seen the size of the task is way bigger than they ever imagine so be ready for that. Once the ON AIR switch is put on you start using up programming content at a fats rate so before your supply exceeds your demand.

Starting a TV channel is a big endeavor but has many great rewards as you see viewers around the world reacting to your channel and your channel making an impact on them.

Purple Turtle specializes in helping groups start TV channels be it online for budget start-ups or satellite for those with larger budgets. We always say start small to grow big rather than start big to go home and close.

We match a solution to your unique vision, passion and budget to help your achieve your objectives.

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