Start your own TV channel

5 Tips to ensure your Success

Starting your own TV channel on Satellite is20 in Africa or anywhere else can be a challenging project to start.  Many options, many questions, massive learning curves.
This is Why Purple Turtle Sat Media Africa is here. We help your viewers view media in new ways that excite them.

With our 22 years experience (since 1998) and an unprecedented success record of 100% OF NEW CHANNELS LAUNCHING WITH US ON IS20 SATELLITE SUCCEED we are the partner you have been looking for, results speak for themselves.

Be it our innovative industry 1st, TV Channel start up Coaching or Mentoring programs OR our LATEST $800 TV channel solution
We can help you start a TV channel with success.

Purple Turtle’s 5 Tips to starting a successful TV channel:

  1. FINANCES the single biggest cause of failure. Plan to have 3 to 6 months monthly operation costs in your bank account before you start. This excercise will pressure test your cash flow so you can solve problems BEFORE you go on air.
  2. CONTENT no one watches a channel with no or poop content. You always need way more content than you think. Making new content takes much longer than you plan for. How many months of content have you got? Create a monthly schedule based on programs you ALREADY have made, how far do you get?
  3. PURPOSE many think they know the purpose of their channel, few really do and this is the cause of failure and why viewers do not like the channel. Viewers follow leaders NOT following “leaders”
  4. RELEVANCE is your channel actually bringing something people WANT and NEED to watch or are you giving them only what YOU think they need. Channel relevance is the key to success and standing out.
  5. EXPERIENCE the biggest part. TV is a multi specialty industry, taking the best parts of many team members to make one awesome product. Do you have specialists or just generalists helping you?

The above steps are the best way to start a TV channel of your own when you have never owned or run a channel before.

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