how to tune your dstv decoder for free tv channels

How to Tune your DSTV decoder for free channels

how to tune your dstv decoder for free tv channels

So you want to tune your DSTV decoder for free channels? YES its possible to get the FREE TV channels channels. However it does still require a DSTV subscription of some kind. EasyView/SpaceTV/Ellies FTA decoder is suggested as its cheap and easy and does not have monthly subscriptions.

Please note again Purple Turtle does not support home users in how to tune your DSTV decoder for free channels, the info here is just a guide to help you. Please contact your DSTV installer

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Tune your DSTV decoder for FREE channels instructions:

  1. Press menu Select “Advanced Options” Select “Dish Installation”
  2. Enter the pin “9949”
  3. Select “Network Configuration”
  4. Select “Network 2 Setup” NB: Leave “Network 1 Setup (Home)” unchanged!!
  5. Set Signal Setup to “Enabled” by selecting it, and moving left or right Set Frequency to “12522”
  6. Set Symbol Rate to “27500″
  7. Set Polarization to “Vertical”
  8. Set FEC to “3/4”
  9. Select “Accept these settings”
  10. Exit once to go back to the “Dish Installation” menu
  11. Select “Scan All Networks” Your decoder will go into scanning mode and might take a while to scan
  12. Do not interrupt the process even if it seems to take longer than you expected! Once completed, your picture will return as normal

TO VIEW  public channels,

  1. press the “TV button” on your remote control.
  2. The “Bouquet Options” menu will appear. Select “Public PAS7/10” Pressing any of the arrow buttons on your remote, will open the screen with all the available Free to Air channels.
  3. Simply select the channel you wish to view and press ok to view.

PLEASE NOTE! You require a DSTV subscription to view these channels So if you are in arrears on not paid you may have problems. This is NOT how to get “Free DSTV” as that would be illegal. These instructions also are subject to change per model of DSTV decoder as DSTV change decoder software often

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