Wanting to Conduct a legal drone RPAS flight in South Africa?

So, you want to have a drone job done for a project you have in the Eastern Cape or anywhere else in South Africa for that matter.

You have taken careful time to find Purple Turtle Aviation UAV and Drone Services who is a LEGAL CAA Licensed ROC holder and operator. Licensed legal drones offer you something illegal fly by nights can’t and that is all Legal drone operations carry public liability insurance which is not available to illegal non-CAA approved operators.

PLUS CAA’s required and audited Quality and Safety Management systems ensures that legal drone operations done by Purple Turtle Aviation UAV and Drone Services are done at the highest possible standards to reduce risks to yourself, your people and property.

So what info will be needed conduct a legal drone RPAS flight in South Africa?

Below is a basic list of information required to conduct a legal safe responsible drone flight in line with (CAA) Civil Aviation South Africa’s requirements:

  1. Address of site (GPS info useful as well)
  2. Dates to be flown
  3. Type of Drone/RPAS flight needed
  4. Signed site permission form signed by Property owner and tenants (here applicable)
  5. Confirm if flight is within 50m of a road or building
  6. Confirm if flight is near or over gathered people and if so please supply details
  7. Confirm if flight will be near state key point, prison or police installation

From this information Purple Turtle Aviation UAV and Drone Services will be able to do a desktop assessment on the viability and risk profile of the given flight and be able to discuss options available for your requirement.

There may be some cases where 100% of what you require may not be legally possible or safe to do but we will advise you of this as well as options we can look at implementing to try mitigating Drone flying risks for your requirement. Failure is never an option and we believe every problem has a unique solution that we must take time to look for, for you.

Purple Turtle Aviation UAV and Drone Services takes care of most of the tone of paperwork required for each flight, so the client does not have to worry to much about that, we are here to make it simpler and above board.

Purple Turtle Aviation UAV and Drone Services can customize solutions to clients needs and objectives be it sensing or video or any other unique out of the box requirement you have.

Our strengths are developing new applications and solutions for Drone usage. We hate cookie cutter solutions as we recognize that every client is unique and has unique needs they need filled. One size does not fit all.

We lead through innovation in technology from Broadcast to Aviation and Drone and UAV services.

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