Delivering Broadcast video can be challenging and expensive. BUT does it have to be? What if you could do broadcast solutions without the broadcast costs. DVB over IP live broadcast video makes it possible.

Traditionally people have used expensive leased lines and fiber and are tied into years long contracts. If Covid-19 has taught the broadcast industry anything its you need to adapt and evolve fast or die a dinosaur of irrelevance. This is where Purple Turtles DVB over IP on public internet comes in, giving you flexibility for change, cost savings on a massive scale and options.

Purple Turtle DVB over IP broadcast video solutions allows you to turn any stable internet connection into a high quality stable broadcast link. This caters for back hauling of live video channels and even live contribution links for live events.

Don’t break the bank using traditional broadcast approaches Contact Purple Turtle to assist you save money. Our systems are tried and tested in AFRICA for the last 8+ years. So we know they work in the worst possible internet connection setups. Actions speak louder than words we believe.

When it comes to DVB over IP live broadcast video in Africa, Purple Turtle is the pioneer and leader with a extensive track record to back it up.

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