Replace expensive helicopters with Drones and get the same eye in the sky shot with Purple Turtle Aviation UAV and Drone Services LIVE Broadcast Drone Solutions.

No longer do you have to compromise on impressive aerial live video on productions with limited budget. Purple Turtle UAV and Drone Services LIVE Broadcast drone is the ideal replacement of the very pricy helicopter solutions.

Our LIVE broadcast drones are designed to deliver the broadcast quality video you are accustomed to, integrated into outside broadcast trucks in ways that work as you expect.

The most unique part of the Live Drone service offered by us is the extended flight times you don’t normally get with drones, allowing for extended flights for several hours without landing every 20 minutes for new batteries

This gives you the eye in the sky you need for your sports, event, broadcast coverage.

Lower budget productions no longer have to have that budget look. By adding the Purple Turtle Aviation UAV drone services, LIVE broadcast Drone your productions stand out especially live ones.

Purple Turtle Aviation is powered by its broadcast division Purple Turtle Communications with over 20 years of broadcast and transmission experience meshed with Purple Turtle Aviation’s 10+ years aviation experience we can offer a truly unique drone-based broadcast solution.

Purple Turtle UAV and Drone services LIVE Broadcast drones are not the run of the mill drones. They are custom designed and built to meet the requirements of broadcast from drone to camera platform, links and camera heads to be a true broadcast solution.

Purple Turtle Aviation is South African CAA licensed (ROC CAA/G1310D) and registered and operate drone services in full compliance with CAA regulations, so you are assured of the highest quality and safety on all productions.

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