Live streaming is the solution for your next live event. It is ideal for: Church services, Live Training events, Company online broadcasts to staff, product training and literally anywhere else where you would like to get people connected to something you are doing live. We offer turnkey solutions and also help customers DIY with our support. Live streaming also reaches all good devices and is truly global. We keep you on the cutting edge of technology with our streaming services.

Live to mobile device

Live streaming into the hands of your viewers is an extremely effective way to reach them as it takes your live message to them where they are at no longer do they need to be tied to a TV or computer.

No matter your solution for streaming in Africa we have you covered. From the challenge of limited bandwidth to delivery, streaming in Africa is our speciality. Live streaming, broadcasting online, live webcasts, you name it. We take the streaming stress off your hands so you can focus on your event without distraction or worry simply give us your requirements and we will build a solution around your need and ensure it works, and even has several backup plans to ensure it works simply and well.

Why Live Streaming with Purple Turtle makes good sense

  • Constantly evolving technology which we upgrade you to as it happens.
  • Full end to end solutions, we have you on online in the shortest time ever
  • 24/7 Phone support. No more frustration waiting for support to reply to your emails!
  • We supply you simple easy ways to add video to your web page
  • All good mobile phones can view our streaming as well as PC and Mac
  • Smart streaming ensuring each devices works to the best quality its bandwidth supplies.
  • Highest stability streaming service in Africa
  • 24/7 stream monitoring and quality control
  • Free promotion of your channel online to get you a bigger global viewership
  • Free Social media interaction page
  • Unmatched customer service
  • 99% uptime or better on all services
  • Talk is cheap! We talk less and do more. Purple Turtle is prepared to put their money where their mouths are.

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