The New Apostolic Church South Africa chose Purple Turtle Communications/Media as their broadcast partner to migrate their ADHOC pay as you go satellite TV channel from DSTV to a dedicated 24/7 Purple Turtle run Satellite TV channel on the popular IS20 satellite. (where DSTV is)

All supplies were reviewed by NAC (Sentech, Viewmedia/Viewsat, Commec, Damsky, Msat and other resellers) and NAC found Purple Turtle stood out head and shoulders above the rest in price and most of all quality, relationship and detail of the final solution.
NAC can now do more and pay less for their solution than before with Purple Turtle.

NACTV at time of migration had over 45 000 documented DSTV home Viewers as well as around 2000 (300k+ people) Church sites that would connect LIVE to services weekly.
Their channel is primarily focused on connecting their congregations weekly via the medium of Video.

The migration went off without any major issues and NACTV is now (Jan 2020)able to run their dedicated 24/7 satellite channel from their own offices to bring the Gospel to the people.
Now NACTV reaches most of Africa and connects the churches around the SADC region and the remote islands of Mauritius and Reunion and several other countries to the live broadcasts.

With the Covid-19 lock down, NACTV could keep operating remotely and broadcast LIVE services still from anywhere they chose, taking the Gospel to the people where they are at.

Purple Turtle Cloud work flows and technologies empowered NACTV to break the traditional Broadcast limitations, workflows and broadcast LIVE more than ever before on satellite and simulcast webtv during lock down.
With Purple Turtle Powering your satellite TV channel, it allows you to break limitations and do new things with technology, breaking the conventional to do the extraordinary.

Purple Turtle is the ONLY is20 operator who has a 100% success rate of new channels launching with us staying on air in our 21 years in operation. NO ONE ELSE can claim this.
Our opposition hate this fact because it highlights, we put our money where out mouths are and what we say is what we do, the facts speak for themselves.

The wise choose Purple Turtle over all the others because they value their calling and vision being successful.

Do you?