Covid has changed how people do everything, especially Church. The solution: Pop up satellite TV channel for churches. Churches most of all have been impacted. Pop-Up satellite TV channels have become extremely popular as it now allows churches to do conferences etc via satellite enabling members to take part safely at home.

A Pop-UP satellite TV channel is a satellite TV channel that is only on air for 1 month or more. The packages designed by Purple Turtle help churches even with limited video experience achieve the live production skills fast without major hardware expenses. The focus is to help churches use what they have already to help members view media in new ways.

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FAQ on Pop Up satellite TV channels:

Why to use a satellite Pop-Up TV channel vs streaming

Streaming works, WHEN people can afford data to watch. BUT if the majority of your viewers are in lower income brackets streaming means you exclude them and increase the gap between the “haves” and “have not’s” Satellite allows you to reach those who would be excluded by streaming and increases how truly inclusive what you are doing is. Truth is in Africa streaming does not work for everyone especially rural areas where the majority of people reside.

Who is a Pop-Up satellite TV channel on is20 satellite idea for?

Short answer is everyone BUT more specifically, Pop up satellite Tv channel for Churches or even church conferences. Also Companies who are wanting to do conferences opening it up the the public to reach them where they are as they are not able to gather due to Covid.

How does a Pop-Up satellite TV channel on is20 satellite in Africa work?

The Pop-Up Channel is not much different to a full time satellite TV channel but it is setup and only runs for a short period of time. It is prepaid satellite. You chose your start date and you broadcast from that date for 30 days at a time.

What equipment is needed to start a Pop-Up satellite TV channel on is20 in Africa

This depends on what you want to do. If you want to be doing LIVE elements you need cameras and a video mixer. Purple Turtle has methods and systems to make this simpler for those new to live video.
If you looking at doing pre-recorded video then its simpler, you just need to supply us your programing and we will help you schedule it for your conference schedule so people see it on satellite when you want them to.

What does a Pop-UP Satellite TV channel cost?

The costs are similar to full time channels, but with a slight extra charge due to the fact that you will get hands on 1:1 assistance through the process to help your team learn and grow, as well as the fact the systems used are not permanent thus the extra charge for extra value. For prices visit the price page on the Purple Turtle Media Site to find out how to view media in new ways simply

The pay as you go Pop-Up satellite TV channel has taken off in a MASSIVE way post Covid. Yes streaming works! BUT when the majority of your viewers are not able to afford data to watch your streaming, it means your content becomes exclusive to those with money only. The popup satellite TV channel allows more people to view your channel thus increasing the impact and reach you get from the channel.

It’s also a great way to see if you are ready to start your own TV channel by launching for 1 month to see what works and what you need to work on. Then regroup learn from the experience and make improvements so when you are ready to launch your learning curve is smaller.

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