Legal Drone Company in PE (Port Elizabeth)

Purple Turtle Aviation is pleased to announce that after 2.5 years of push we are now Port Elizabeth, South Africa’s 1st legal home-grown CAA approved ROC drone operator. 100% PE, not an import from another province, Proudly Eastern Cape. You now have a legal drone company in PE to use safely.

This means Purple Turtle Aviation can supply legal, safe and approved drone-based services in Port Elizabeth, South Africa as well as in the rest of South Africa and Africa.

Legal drones mean customer is protected by quality audited services that are safety and security focused and fully legally compliant. Plus all services are insured, something illegal drone companies can’t offer. Illegal drone ops place YOU the client at risk liability wise.

Purple Turtle Aviation 1st Legal drone company in PE holds a CAA current  legal ROC is able to offer a selection of video-based drone services, from general pictures to HD video inspection with 20x Optical Zoom HD cameras to get you close to what you need to see safely. To our country 1st Live Broadcast drones built from the ground up to be 100% true live outside broadcast capable.

We also work with clients to develop custom drone-based solutions to the clients unique specifications.

To find out more contact Purple Turtle at www.uavdroneservices.co.za OR contact US