Purple Turtle Investments and Acquisitions Case Studies

Purple Turtles acquisitions range across a diverse industry range. The “Purple Turtle Process” refined over 25+ years is now a proven winning formulae that scales to any industry and is successful. Below you will find some of our best success stories. You could be one of them!

Timber product manufacture.

Purple Turtle Investments and Acquisitions acquired 75% stake in an interior design timber manufacturing company, in the Western USA. 100% hand made in the USA products being sold, online, wholesale as well as at markets doing a turnover of 1.3million per year.

Cash flow was a major problem in the company and seasonal.
Within the 1st few weeks we had developed a program to increase profits by 30% for the year.
A plan was also put in place to increase value (not price) of products sold to customers to further differentiate the brand from others out there especially the Chinese mass-produced products. “How are we making the customer feel” was the priority.

The entire online store and production workflow was also reviewed, and the short falls were documented with actions plans.

The greatest of which was identifying the fact that no one knew what it cost to make the products they were offering. Many products were being sold for way below cost unbeknown to the previous owner.
By simplifying the product range, the team saved time and increased profits and the implementation of basic KPI monitoring changed things fast allowing the team to see the cancer before it spreads.

More decision-making control was given to the manager of 20+ years who had the skills to innovate and problem solve but was never given the freedom to do so. He was one of the best hidden assets in the company and will take the company forwards with our support

Telecommunications company

The need arose to sell a Telecommunications company with a National operator’s license (like the ones major cell phone networks have) which Purple Turtle Investments and Acquisitions had a majority share in. The sale was spurred by changes in legislation which would have had a negative impact on business operations.

Realizing that the niche business did not appeal to the greater market. We came up with a plan to split up the company, that was started in 1998.

It’s Telecom’s License and the assets, clients, IP and business side were sold out to one of the other companies in the Purple Turtle Investments stable, to preserve the integrity of the brand.

The company continues to operate successfully under the brand name and received a sale price of over 1 million just for the empty shell of the company and the Telecom’s License.
The transition was smooth, clients did not experience any discomfort and the company grew with the same IP, assets, clients and operations without the risk the legislation changes would have brought.

Commercial Drone Operation

Purple Turtle Investments and Acquisitions Owning the majority share in a commercial drone company, it was decided to sell the company started in 2007.
The greatest challenge was zero turn over or the last 3 years. This was due to delays in the aviation authority issuing permits to operate drones legally with their 4-year backlog on applications.

The challenge was how to sell a company with no earnings for 3 years but a successful track record since 2007 that now held a legal drone operations permit. Purple Turtle Investments achieved a sale of just short of 1 million with assets in the company totaling less than 50% of that.
A pure asset sale would have lost half a million in cash so Purple Turtle Investments got creative and developed a method we use to this day still. There is always more value in a company, but it has to be mined and refined for people to pay for it. In almost every case its only visible to outsiders now owners.

Should you wish to find out more about how Purple Turtle Investments and Acquisitions can help your business. Please feel free to contact us and we can set up a meeting to understand your needs.