Reach 40 million people with Satellite TV

Africa is one of the worlds most over looked and underestimated growing TV markets. Unlike many parts of the world where internet connectivity is affordable and cheap allowing people to access TV online, Africa’s most popular method for people to connect to the TV channels they love is by satellite TV. Perfect to reach Africa with Satellite TV buy starting your own TV channel.

Why is Intelsat’s IS20 satellite so important in Africa?

The is20 Satellite is Africa’s most popular Free to air (FTA) satellite because its where the very popular DSTV Pay TV platform started. Since DSTV was the 1st and still the biggest TV platform in Africa it means for years millions of decoders and installations have been done so you tap into instant potential viewers.

IS20 satellite also reaches most of Sub-Saharan Africa as well so the coverage is massive, from Southern Africa to East and even Nigeria and West Africa ALL at the same time.

Why do you want to be on IS20 with Purple Turtle?

With a Free To Air channel on is20 you reach the largest group of decoder setup and enabled households from the start making it easier to gather viewers.

Purple Turtle is also the ONLY is20 Satellite TV vendor in Africa with a 100% success rate of new channels launching with us staying on air and succeeding because of how we work. Each client is unique and so is their broadcast needs. Purple Turtle builds solutions around your vision and purpose and does not do quickie cookie cutter channels.

We are also the leader in new technologies for broadcast in Africa. Purple Turtle Leads, the rest just follow and copy.

Our Clients:

So if you are serious and want to Reach Africa with Satellite TV  and start your own TV channel, reach out to the Purple Turtle Team and contact us today. Lets make your vision a reality and a reality that lasts.

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