satellite tv vs streaming for ministry

We are often asked what are the benefits of satellite TV channels vs streaming for churches and ministries in Africa. Both have their benefits but at the same time their issues. Cost is often the driving factor people take into consideration in the decision. BUT is price the best way to make the decision.

Who are you targeting

Before deciding what medium is best for you, you need to take a better look at things to see who your target audience is. How do these people connect to media, can they afford streaming data and do they even have internet signal where they are.

Streaming is great BUT if people cant afford data or have not internet using it is a FAILURE vs satellite. Knowing your viewer in detail is key to helping them view media in new ways you create.


Almost always people consider cost in choosing satellite vs streaming. YES its a fact, satellite is way more expensive to the church/ministry. BUT its FREE to the viewer. If you consider that most of your potential audience are not able to afford data and or have poor internet where they are located satellite wins. YES it costs the ministry BUT not costing the viewer means you reach more people as you have removed the financial obstacle from them being able to view media you create.

Does the media you choose become an OBSTACLE for people to view media and messages you create?

Satellite TV Pro’s vs Cons

FREE for viewers to viewHigh cost for channel owner per month
Reaches areas internet does not even exist inAffected by bad weather
Once off hardware costs for viewers. no monthly costRequires specialized installation
Reaches majority of Africa and parts of EU all at onceLong term contracts for channel owner
Reaches potential 40 million householdsLimited satellite space for channels
Existing channels means existing audience for start up channelsNeed a different satellite per region you want to reach
Satellite TV pro’s vs con’s when choosing the best option for you.

Now lets take a look at streaming, the good the bad and the ugly.

Streaming TV Pro’s vs Con’s

Very cost effective vs satellite monthlyViewer pays to view and uses large chunks of their data which can be expensive.
Stream is viewable globally onlineOnly reaches internet connected regions leaving remote and more under developed areas unable to view your media
SD, HD, 4K all possible as neededNeed to grow your audience. If they don’t know about your channel they wont watch it unlike satellite.
Most people have mobile phones that can view your media meaning a potentially unlimited audienceYoutube etc you are sending your viewers to the Youtube site where you have no guarantee what content they may see or be mislead by
Reach people on many platformsPatchy internet means buffering media which is users greatest annoyance
Ability to stream only on your website to keep viewers connected to you.Cost of streaming via CDN to your viewers. Broadcaster pays more for more viewers
Streaming TV pro’s vs con’s when choosing the best option for you.

So now you have a better idea of the benefits of each.
What is the BEST option you ask?

Truthfully there is NO single best option. The best option is the option that suites your goals, purpose and calling best. Media should take your message further and not become a mill stone around your neck.

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