start a popup tv channel;

A Popup satellite TV channel is the best way to reach your audience LIVE via is20 satellite channel for a short time period reaching Africa live. Pay as you Go Satellite

Be it a Church conference, testing the waters on starting your own satellite TV channel, a company event or any other special occasion you want to get many people to be able to be part of without having to travel, Purple Turtle Popup satellite TV channels on is20 satellite are the best solution for you.

“The advantage of a Popup Satellite TV channel on is20 is that you only pay for the Popup period and not an entire month, this means lower costs and you use it when you need it for special events.”

The Popup satellite channel you can be viewed with FTA Viewsat decoders and even DSTV decoders and other FTA quality decoders making it easy for people to view.

The Popup satellite channel is ideal for ministries and church groups who wish to move into satellite broadcasting but are trying to manage their costs of starting up a new channel.

The Purple Turtle Popup is20 satellite channel approach helps you feel you way around running your own satellite channel without the long-term commitment and costs. Viewable on FTA Viewsat decoder and DSTV
Some people have the view sat can be expensive and has long term commitments this is why Purple Turtle Media has launched the unique innovative Popup Satellite TV channel for live event broadcasting on is20 satellite in Africa

Some of the reasons that Makes Purple Turtle Media stand out from the rest as a Leader while the others Follow are:

•    First mpeg4 DTH satellite broadcasts in 2010
•    First streaming of satellite TV channels and OTT to mobile devices 2011
•    First Delivery of Broadcast Signals via DVB over Public Internet 2012 with 99.9+% uptime
•    1st to allow clients to broadcast live event son their satellite TV channels 2009
•    First to deploy Social media integration on LIVE TV channels to make TV interactive 2017
•    Serving the broadcast industry in Africa since 1998 20 YEARS
•    First Independently owned Satellite Newsgathering satellite uplink trucks 2004
•    Personal client service from people you get to build a relationship with, small enough to care, big enough to make things happen.
•    Not only a service provider BUT a Friendship with clients that extends past the SLA and Contract, because Purple Turtle cares about people.
•    Full transparency and accountability. Purple Turtle Clients deal with decision makers and get action fast with direct lines to CEO for accountability.
•    100% Africa based, from Africa, For Africa, keeping the income in Africa for the benefit of Africa
•    Unashamedly ethical business practices

Contact Purple Turtle Media Today to find out more about how we can help make your Media Vision a reality and help your viewers view media in new ways with our innovative is20 satellite channel Popup Channels

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