What Do you get in the TV channel Starter package to help you start your own TV channel?

Basic quality SD Satellite TV channel
Options for Play-out servers self supplied or hosted
Options for LIVE broadcasting of events
Different OTT, WEBTV Live streaming solutions to help viewers view media of yours in new ways

Who is the Start-up TV channel package on is20 satellite best suited best for?

It’s a budget entry level package ideal for Churches, community channels, NGO’s and even small businesses who want to reach people in areas without internet to bring their message. The price is affordable and allows you to start your TV channel by starting small and growing big. You can always increase quality (and costs) later after you have proven your channel works.

Why start your TV channel with Purple Turtle Africa?

Purple Turtle has been in the broadcast industry since 1998 (22 years plus) as a company and has worked with the worlds top broadcasters not just churches and community organizations. Our experience benefits our clients incredibly.
We are also the ONLY VENDOR ON THE IS20 SATELLITE TO HAVE A 100% SUCCESS RATE OF NEW CHANNELS LAUNCHING WITH US STAYING ON AIR. No one else can claim this. Actions speak louder than words.
Do you want a vendor to launch your channel who offers FREE and cheap stuff with a proven track record of failure?

What does the Purple Turtle Start-up TV channel cost per month to start your own TV channel?

The entry level channel start from $6500 per month upwards depending on options required. This is the transmission and satellite side of things ONLY. It does not include your costs to run your own TV channel, create content, programing and more. A solid business plan is the best way to ensure your launch well and succeed. No lot launch without one.

Your way forwards now!

Starting your own TV channel is not easy BUT it is very rewarding as you see your calling and vision become reality. BUT care should be taken to ensure the Purpose of the channel and that its really the best option for you BEFORE you start. If you not sure why not attend our TV Channel Start Up Coaching Program which is a paid 4 week course with you to help you prepare for starting a TV channel.

CONTACT US NOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SPECIAL TV Channel Start-Up Package from $6500 per month