Purple Turtle Media is proud to announce our release of our latest cutting edge product on the is20 satellite covering Africa. Start a HD satellite channel on is20 satellite ku band.

Purple Turtle Media is a pioneer in new technologies on the is20 satellite platform that carries most of Africa’s free to air channels and is the “hotbird” of Africa.

Technology is evolving faster and faster and so are the demands and expectation of viewers. Clients migrating to our new services have been blown away at the quality increase they have while decreasing their monthly costs. You can really get more for less with our smart solutions

With HD becoming more and more popular demand is increasing for HD free to air satellite channels were people can DIY make and run their own satellite tv channel on is20. BUT problem is currently there are only SD channels offered with different suppliers on is20 so you have no HD option and have to launch a new channel with old 25 year old technology.

You do now that with Purple Turtle is20 satellite DIY HD channel launch we solve all the problems for you. Start your own satellite channel on is20 in HD and make an impression on your viewers with the quality of HD.

Our Clients:

Costs for HD is comparable to what some are paying for 2mbps VBR on other is20 platforms so i many cases changing to HD with us does not have to mean more costs.

We offer a full solution end to end to help you do more for less money compared to traditional solutions out there. Its our focus to empower you with the tools to take control of your channel and do it all yourself to save costs.

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